Artist Statement

“Once something is sketched, it belongs to me and I thoughtfully arrange it on my painting surface where it is reborn.”

Todd Starks creates paintings using a variety of visual languages to talk about emotional space, shape, color, pattern and humor. With a painterly style, Starks carefully builds up impasto layers, using wet into wet oil paint, and allowing shards of underpainting to show through. Formally, the pieces are about composition, color harmonies, shape, and texture, yet each piece reveals a sensory and spiritual connection to the landscape around him, and a dynamic interplay between conscious and subconscious thought.

Todd has been influenced by painters such as David Hockney (landscapes), Vincent Van Gogh, Amedeo Modigliani, Robert Motherwell, Jasper Johns, Mokoto Fujimura, Scott Burdick, and most of all, by God.

Selected Exhibitions

Wright Museum of Art, Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin.
Neville Public Museum, Green Bay, WI, 2009
The Center for the Visual Arts, Wausau, WI, 2008
University of Wisconsin Hospital, Skylight Gallery, Madison, WI, 2007
Ebling Library, Madison, WI, 2006
Wright Museum of Art, Beloit, WI, 2006
Limner Gallery, New York, NY, 2003


Northwestern Mutual Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI
University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
American Family Children’s Hospital, Madison, WI
Numerous private collections across the United States and Europe

Representation in Wisconsin

Milward Farrell Fine Art, Madison, WI
Artful Home, Madison, WI
Concepts in Art, Janesville, WI