I grew up in a family that moved frequently. There were steady parades of new schools, towns, and people. I learned to be content with our mobile lifestyle. Our urgent flights into the starry night seemed noble and mysterious.

Todd Starks :: Artist in his native habitat.

I have always been a sensory person.

My earliest memories are of sights and smells connected directly with emotion. I began drawing as far back as I can remember. My first pictures were of boxy-looking cars, then of animals, his father’s semi, and later in life, colored pencil figures.

Experimenting with different careers, including working for a short time as a registered nurse, I eventually returned to my true calling, completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at The College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Since completing my degree, I’ve been pursuing and gotten closer to my dream career as an artist and painter. Of course, that isn’t my only dream. I love to work with kids. And my plan is to open my own art studio for creating and teaching all kinds of art with some dashes of life mentoring thrown in at no extra charge – especially to teens.

Today, my work can be found in public institutions and private collections across the United States.

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