Mountains and Hills

“Awesome paintings, with a vitality and motion photos of them can’t convey.


When I go to museums and galleries, paintings completely blow my mind. There is magic there, in 2D. I am in awe of the Impressionists and Modernists alike. But For me, craft is as important as genre or self-expression. I am standing on some very broad shoulders indeed.

My earliest memories are very vivid. I remember sensations and feelings most intensely. Those fierce emotions connect directly in my neurology to visual memories. Acute narrated scenes that play through in my head.

Hills and deep valleys of LaCrescent, Minnesota left a deep impression on this boy’s life. My brother, cousins and I roamed the bluffs around the Mississippi like wild, curious animals.

We knew no fear and tried anything that popped into mind – like careening down a bluffside pasture on the wheels of an old baby stroller. Nothing but 4 wheels and some springs keeping us off the ground. Stopping was never a consideration.

Ever since those days, I have remained curious and eager to discover and explore. Perhaps chasing those early emotions and trying to reinvent the rush, the freedom, the awe and wonder of pure life of exploration.

Witness then, my chase around the country and the globe in search of that magic found in the mind of an 8 year old. These paintings are always created both by me and that boy, who after all has never gone away.