Partners & Patrons

Architects / Interior Designers / Professional Offices / Healthcare Providers / Museums / Residential / Private Collectors

Do you have a public or private design project coming up that requires a custom size? Or maybe several pieces to fit a space?

Have you had the misfortune of relying on artists who have disappointed with overruns of money or time?

How about promised craft and materials coming up short of expectations?

No, my friend. You are a project manager, not a baby sitter. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find someone who is reliable and honest?

If you would like to work with a seasoned pro who is does what he says and when he says he’ll do it, understands deadlines and process, has integrity and will work as a team with your team, I have just the right fit for you.


Most recently, I was fortunate to have paintings placed with Essentia Health/St. Mary’s Hospital in Duluth, Minnesota. Before that I was commissioned to create several large format paintings for University of Wisconsin Digestive Health in Madison, Wisconsin. And going further back, American Family Children’s Hospital acquired several pieces to augment their floor by floor themes.

With several years of experience creating work for public spaces such as hospitals, clinics, universities and corporations, I can help take part of that work load from your shoulders.

Not only am I a painter, I am freelance web and graphic designer. This gives me solid understanding of project management practices and uniquely positions me to help you meet your goals.