Prairie Plants

“Very nice painting! Always even better in life than the photos show.

A deep, solitary world underneath, a place of safety, security and beauty

Birth, life and decay. All the normal process of life both for plants, animals and people. There is something so beautiful in the way life winds down. Color, texture, pattern, shape and vibrant emotion. Color to enliven spaces, imagination to calm troubled spirits, and relief form pressure and strain.

When I was a young boy of about 5, our family moved to a small, white bungalow in the country. My brother and sisters spent many hours wandering along train tracks and in fields where often there would be an injured or orphaned tiny animal my sisters brought home for ‘healing’.

Across the back yard, we had a neighbor family who’s daughter had bright red hair – and difficulty pronouncing her Rs. I was enthralled with her and adored her speech impediment. We spent autumns buried under piles of leaves together, raked by her father.

Life in the country. That smell, color and emotional connection has never left me.