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Essence of life

Nearly everyone loves to be near the water. From the upper Mississippi to urban creeks, all the way to the most rural lake and swamp, water is good. Water is the beginning of everything. It is life. It is also healing, and forgetfulness, and power. It’s a perfect metaphor for life.

Some of my earliest experiences include water. Boundary waters, to be precise.

To those who may not know, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) lies between Minnesota and Ontario, Canada. A Minnesota tradition.

No motor boats area allowed, so canoes and kayaks are pretty much all you’ll see deep in the wilderness there.

When I was 5ish, mine and perhaps one other family would pile the Ford pickup bed with camping gear and us kids. Another car would carry our canoes and more supplies – and those afraid of riding in an open pickup bed.

We’d paddle several miles into the chain of lakes, portaging between with all our gear, until reaching a suitable site. We’d set up and explore from that point on day trips.

For me, it was both terrifying and exhilarating. I could swim, but I was sure we were going to capsize as we scraped over submerged logs. I’ve since overcome my fear of dark water. Monsters have been removed from my mind and replaced with perfect camping trips.